Invented in Connecticut

Invented in Connecticut!!

  • The Lobster Roll: Lobster rolls were invented in Connecticut in the 1800s.
  • The Frisbee: Connecticut resident William Russell Frisbee invented the Frisbee! 
  • The Vacuum Cleaner: Ira Hobert Spencer invented the modern vacuum cleaner.
  • The Sewing Machine: Elias Howe of Connecticut invented the modern sewing.
  • The Dictionary:  In 1806, Hartford resident, Noah Webster published the first American dictionary.
  • Vulcanized Rubber:  Connecticut resident, Charles Goodyear of Connecticut invented modern vulcanized rubber in 1843.  This invention was used to make “Goodyear” rubber tires before the end of the century.
  • The Can Opener: The first can opener was produced in Waterbury Connecticut in 1858 when Ezra Warner realized that the new tin cans (used to be made from iron) were very hard to open.
  • The Submarine: In 1776, the earliest submarine used for war was built by David Bushnell a resident of Connecticut and graduate of Yale University. 
  • Lollipops: New Haven resident, George Smith was the first person to coin the term and create modern “lollipops” in 1908, though the concept of hard candy on a stick has, most likely, been around for centuries.
  • Anesthesia: Horace Wells of Hartford was the first person to turn “laughing gas”, a common form of entertainment at the time, into a proper anesthesia in the 1840s.
  • Mechanical Heart: William Sewell Junior created in the first mechanical heart.
  • Colt .45 Revolver: Samuel Colt built the first .45 revolver in 1836.
  • The Cotton Gin: Eli Whitney created the first cotton gin, and changed the world.
  • The Hamburger: Louis Lassen has been creted for making the first hamburger in 1900.
  • Portable Typewriter: the first portable typewriter was built and patented by George C. Blickensderfer in 1892 in Stamford CT.
  • Whiffle Balls: Whiffle balls were invented by Fairfield resident David Mullany in 1953.
  • Speed Limit Laws
  • FM Radio


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