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THING 1 - Going for a drive on Round Hill Road

How do I start this whole campaign? What should I begin with? What do I miss the most when I'm away?  The first thing that always comes to mind after being away (especially since my vehicles started to improve) is the drive on Round Hill Road, specifically the first mile or so.  This has to be the best mile in the northeast (hey, it's my blog I can make whatever statements I want). This is the easiest place in Greenwich to feel like a race car driver - no turn is too tight or too wide - perfect pavement to feel like Andretti.  Some (mostly the smarter sex who don't include trips to the police station in their 365 things to do) would believe that the next couple miles are where Round Hill shines.  They would talk about the wide road and scenery. None of their thoughts would include comments about cornering ability because of the slope in the road.  Us foolish males have known for years that the first section is where the magic happens.  Either way you look at it, Round Hill Road is the best (my opinion; sorry Lake, North, Stanwich, Riversville, John....) street to go for a drive in Greenwich.

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