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THING 13 - Howl & Prowl

THING 13 - Howl & Prowl

Dogs are supposed to be tough manly creatures that fetch the paper and your slippers.  They are not supposed to be put into handbags or wear sweaters.  Dogs are not accessories (sorry Paris), they are companions.  They are supposed to fetch large dog bones (Manero's - tear tear) not play with Busy Bees (Best in Show).  They should wear spikes around their neck, not cute collars with preppy prints on them. They should guard against intruders, not cuddle with them (RIP Gusto).  Dogs are man's best friend and deserve all the recognition they can get (only in Greenwich would a dog inherit millions....). 

I'm kind of on the fence as to whether dogs should be dressed up in costumes.   The grumpy old man in me thinks that's why dogs bite people.....on the other side, who can't love a dachshund inside a giant hot dog bun?

If you are free this afternoon and enjoy looking at Beagles dressed as bagels, take a visit to the Greenwich Commons for Howl and Prowl at 1pm. is a fantastic organization with the sole goal of finding "safe, permanent homes for our discarded companion animals."

"Help control the pet population. Have your pets spayed or neutered." Bob Barker

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