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THING 16 - Eat the Best Onion Rings, period

THING 16 - Eat the Best Onion Rings, period

Bone-in rib eye, gorgonzola salad, onion rings and garlic bread - these are a few of my favorite things.

I'll never forget the phone call I received a couple years ago while away at business school notifying me that Manero's (best butcher in Greenwich) was going to be closing down.  Manero's was an institution.  Manero's - home of the famous van Reesema burger (Giant burger patty, onion rings and gorgonzola sandwiched between two pieces of garlic bread) - was now going to be the site for some new condos...

Fortunately to all, James Dadio (butcher at Manero's) started Greenwich Prime Meats after Manero's ended its 50 year stint serving Greenwich.  Together with Sal Genario, Prime Meats has been able to replicate many of the Manero's recipies (the onion rings are too good to make it home without being touched) that so many of us have grown up loving. Thank you James. Thank you.

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