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Sometime after I stopped getting an allowance I worked for a wonderful store in Greenwich called Consign It (I'm hoping you can figure out what they do...).  My job was simple - I was a mover.  I moved lamps, I moved tables, I move jewelry, I moved rugs.  I was part of an elite special ops white gloved moving crew.  You laugh, but let's see how easy it would be for you to move a Chippendale dresser through a dining room full of crystal, without so much as a nick or chime.  Although I, at the time, was trying to understand what this dresser had to do with guys in tiny bathing suits, I was pretty darn good at my job.   June (moving crew captain) taught me well. 

I learned a lot about the town as I drove around it all day.  I learned a lot about furniture as I spent more time holding it than sitting in it.  The management at Consign It is top tier.  You will not find anyone in the northeast that is more knowledgeable about antiques and how to sell them.  Not only do they run a fantastic operation at 115 Mason Street, but Consign It is also well known for getting top dollar out of major estate sales.

If you are in the market to buy or sell a dresser, rug, set of drapes, painting, or if you just want to check out some neat stuff I highly recommend making your way down to 115 Mason Street (one block from Greenwich Avenue - between Lewis and E Elm).

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