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THING 38 - Animal Survival Strategies @ Greenwich's Bruce Museum

For the last couple hours I've been trying to think of an amusing way to tie in this event with the Thanksgiving Turkey.  Something like - "Clearly the turkey hasn't perfected its survival strategy."  Sometimes great humor comes out of my head, but most of the time it's just junk.  I apologize in advance for all of the stupid things I will say in the future.

I'm a Discovery and History Channel nut.  Give me more of anything that involves construction or wilderness.  On the other hand, as a product of today's television I am fairly jaded when it comes to animal shows as I have pretty much seen everything. I'll still watch it because I'm a nut, but it takes something special to get me really excited about nature. This exhibition is just that special thing. To me there is nothing cooler in nature than the defense mechanisms that have evolved (if you believe in that kind of thing) over the past say 150 million years. Is there anything cooler than a fly that looks like a leaf or a grasshopper that looks like a twig? I think not.

The museum has incorporated over 70 specimens of insects, shells, fish, reptiles, mammals, and birds to show how nature feeds itself.  All different forms of camouflage are represented as visitors can see (or try to see) many creatures disguised as leafs, sticks or even snow.  Visitors will get the opportunity to see what different defense mechanisms have evolved in insects over the past 150 million years.  You'll see animals that moved fast to run away and others that needed to move fast to catch their food.

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