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THING 40 - Forget shopping in Greenwich, stay at home and shop online

I'm really sorry for using the horrible "CLICK HERE!" button, but I felt that it was appropriate for today.  Isn't today the day when we wake up at 2am to go shopping at Walmart? Isn't today the day when everything is on sale for like 5% of the full price? Isn't today some sort of sick shopping holiday?

Bahhh humbug I say.  Are the deals really that good to drag you out of bed at some un-godly hour? I have no interest in being trampled over by a couple mothers because I accidently got too close to the Tickle Me Elmo 2010 stand.  I'm staying at home (I'll actually be at work, thank you very much) today and will do my shopping online.  If you are interested, feel free to use the links on my site ( to shop.  These stores are having some great deals and you can even shop in the nude.

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