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INTERESTING LISTINGS - 8 NEW LISTINGS!! (but I'm only going to mention two)

55 Shore - Rental for $12,000mo

55 Shore - Rental for $12,000mo

You will rarely hear me talk negatively on the web about any house in Greenwich.  I'm not saying that there aren't bad listings and bad houses, I just don't think this is the right venue.  I just won't mention a house if I'm not a fan.  If you want my opinion about a house I'm not talking about please feel free to email me for a one on one conversation.  I won't hold back.  With that all behind us, I do have one bone to pick today.  I'm not a fan of listing any house when you don't have photographs available.  When a house is listed on the MLS it gets put into the special daily hotsheet that is read by all good agents.  This is a free extremely powerful chance to showcase your listing and if you don't have a picture you are missing the spot.  I read the hotsheet every day to see what is going on and what I can talk about.Today there were 8 new listings, but I'm only able to talk about two as six of them didn't have pictures... (there is a good chance that I won't remember those six houses until they come up on an open house day or search of my own).Here are the two house that did have pictures:55 Shore - Fantastic location/street.  Expensive for 4,200 sqft, but you get 5 full baths and the chance to crawl to the water34 Hendrie - Great house/layout that is not new to the market as it has been on since June, but has come down to $3.395m from $3.895m

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