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THING 66 - Send your daughter to Greenwich Dance Studio

Since you can't get your daughter to stop spinning around after seeing the Nutcracker and you want to save all the fine china in your house, I highly recommend putting your child's energy to good use and sending her to the Greenwich Dance Studio.Located at the Greenwich YWCA (259 East Putnam Ave), the Greenwich Dance Studio provides classes for aspiring Thumbelenas from 3 to 18 yrs old.  In addition to the Ballet, the studio also offers classes in Pointe, Modern, Jazz and Hip-Hop.Since I grew up in a family of all boys and now have a 14 month old daughter, I guess I'm going to have to start to learn about this pointy-toe stuff.  All I know is that Kate Truesdell (Founder and Director of the Greenwich Dance Studio) is the person to start with.After obtaining a BFA in Dance from Emerson College and spending time with the Broadway Dance Center and Teaching Workshops, Kate started the Greenwich Dance Studio in 2004. Within the first two years she grew the student base 1,112% (any chance I can play with numbers I take it) from 18 to over 200 students.  I'm assuming that this growth is because she knows what she's doing.

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