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So I just dropped off my Christmas Tree at Bruce Park today.  In case you are wondering, their Christmas Tree Drop is located by the children's playground.  Anyhow, the town provides several locations (see where we can leave our trees to be recycled.This morning there were maybe 15 trees at Bruce Park; one of them caught my eye.Someone decided to drop off their 14 foot Christmas Tree still heavily wrapped in lights.  Seriously? How lazy can you be? I'm not an expert at tree recycling, but I'm willing to bet it's not great for a  chipper to throw in 60 feet of wire and bulbs.  I'm not saying that I'm the best recycler in the world (I've been known to throw some cans away), but this is plain obnoxious.We have a wonderful town here for all walks of life.  Some people move to Greenwich for the wonderful communities. Some people move here for the schools.  Some people live in $400k homes, others live in $40m homes.  You don't need to say hi and hug everyone you see, but come on, please be the least bit considerate.  There are many areas of Greenwich where you can live in complete privacy (another great benefit) and do as you wish, but if you choose to use the services of the town, please take account of the hard working residents that provide these services.Some town worker is going to have to pull all the bulbs off that tree tonight, while the resident who dropped it off cares less.

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