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THING 117 - Stay inside and take in a movie - "Forbidden Planet" (1956):

I'm sorry for putting another movie up, but this looks cool. You have to love the 1950s artwork. Anyhow, Friday is supposed to be a horrible day of rain, so this might just be worth it.

Sponsor Friends of the Greenwich Library.
Event Film: "Forbidden Planet" (1956):
Tel # (203) 622-7900.
Date February 25, 2011
Time 8:00 P.M.
Location Cole Auditorium.
Cost Free.
Descript With Leslie Nielsen, Walter Pidgeon, Anne Francis. Directed by Fred M. Wilcox. One of those rare science fiction movies that is admired even by film-goers who don't usually enjoy them. Ahead of its time in many ways (including use of electronic music) the film spawned later series such as Star Trek.

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    I agree 100%