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INTERESTING TRADE - 14 Maher SOLD for $1.065M

14 Maher SOLD for $1.065M

I think this was a great deal. I want to congratulate the buyers for sticking with it and dealing with the bank through this one. As I understand, this was not an easy transaction.At the end of the day, you got a great home. The last time this house traded, it sold for $1.695M (2008). That's a 37% discount!Yes, the house needs a little work, though at the end of the day you bought a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2,380 sqft house on Maher Ave that was built like a rock. I forget how high the ceilings are on the first floor, but I'm guessing at least 9.5 feet. This is a real turn-of-the-century. In addition, the top floor and the basement have real build-out potential.Congratulations and welcome to the neighborhood.PS.  Don't forget to stock up with candy on Halloween night!

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  1. Just looking on

    Just a bit of history...looks like a man named Albert L Richardson lived there in 1914. The Connecticut State register of 1922 says he was a Notary Public. A New York Times obituary from February 1914 says he held a funeral service at his house for his mother, Emma L Richardson (widow of Gilbert M Richardson).
    • John Hughes-Caley on

      Yes, Albert L. Richardson was my grandfather; my mother, Jean, was born in this house on 6 April, 1914. May all those who live under this roof be well and enjoy life!