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THING 195 - Catch safe and great tasting fish in Greenwich, CT

Why not take advantage of Greenwich's prime location on the Western Long Island Sound by catching dinner? The waters off the coast of Greenwich are packed full of safe and great tasting fish to eat. Such species include, Striped bass, black fish, and flounder. If you don't have access to a boat you can simply cast off of any of Greenwich's shores and have a good chance of scoring a fish.If trout is more your cup of tea, the Mianus River gets stocked up to four times a year with browns, brooks, and rainbows. Access to some of the best fishing grounds on the river would be through the Mianus River Park.To fish the salt waters and/or fresh waters of Connecticut the state requires all persons fishing to buy a license. Licenses are not expensive and can be purchased online here.For more information about fishing in Greenwich, contact contributor Julien Jarry.

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