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THING 202 - gelato at Doppio

Up and down Greenwich Avenue one can surprisingly find a number of places serving gelato, the Italian dessert we have all come to love for its creamy natures and rich flavor. However, just because it is served does not mean it is worthy. In fact two of the four eateries offering this sweet are not even Italian, one cafe of French origin and the other of German - this does not lead to good Gelato.  What Greenwich now has and needs to indulge in is the gelato at Doppio on the corner of Elm and Mason Streets.Already known around town for its Calabrese style of italian with wood fired pizza, high quality meats and finely tuned pasta (always al dente!), this neighborhood spot has an additional attraction.  Its gelato is worth the trip itself because of its high quality ingredients, freshness and family history.  Each day the restaurant is full of various members of our community and guided by owners Joe & Lou Barresi.  Their local eatery has a warm and inviting feeling because family members such as their sister Laura and mother Loretta are there daily to make sure every guests feels welcome.However, what is it about the gelato that makes you coming back for more?  Well, it must be good when on small breaks the first things members of the staff like to snack on is gelato.  The chefs and wait staff know the food inside and out, so if they are enjoying it then it must be good!  The boys' grandfather owns a gelateria in the region of Calabria and many of the recipes were  handed down to their father and now the sons. Lou makes each flavor daily to make sure customers have simply the best. The flavors will change from time to time depending on the season, but you will always find the staple flavor of hazelnut - the premise for the best gelato along with top notch cream to give it texture.  At the moment you can enjoy the follow varieties: NocciolaCioccolatoBanana Creme BruleBlood OrangeKiwiFrutta di BoscoPinnapleBaba Rum CakeBanana FragolaPeanut ChocolateGiandujaSmurfStracciatellaTiramisuVanigliaFrangola Sorbet 

It is important to recognize how special Doppio is to the Greenwich community.  There are a number of Italian eateries through the region; however, it is critical to appreciate the Calabrese style of this Greenwich gem. When thinking about southern Italy, your excitement will grow because the cuisine is a typical southern Italian Mediterranean cuisine with a balance between meat-based dishes (pork, lamb, goat), vegetables (especially eggplant), and fish. Pasta (as in Central Italy and the rest of Southern Italy) is also very important in Calabria. In contrast to most other Italian regions, Calabrians have traditionally placed an emphasis on the preservation of their food, in part because of the climate and potential crop failures. As a result, there is a tradition of packing vegetables and meats in olive oil, making sausages and cold cuts (sopresseta), and, along the coast, curing fish- especially swordfish, sardines and cod. Local desserts are typically fried, honey-sweetened pastries or baked biscotti treats (at Doppio Loretta makes them!).Please visit

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  1. Kathleen on

    I went to Doppio once a few weeks after it opened. Though we liked the food, the service was terrible. Has it improved?