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August Property Sales in Greenwich

The following property transfers were recorded in the office of the town assessor between August 1st and Aug. 31st:
Aug. 1:
409 Round Hill Rd.: Hilary Sullivan and Lisa Clark, executrixes, to Doron Sabag; $1,300,000.
5 Dingletown Rd.: Ellen Kaufmann to Libertore Iannarone; $1,625,000.
36 Perna Ln. AKA 36 Sound Beach Ave. Ext.: Americo P. Allegrini to Paul and Kate Fix; $617,000.
66 Indian Head Rd.: Daniel and Tracey Koorbusch to Bryan T. Kelly; $2,675,000.
14 Sunshine Ave.: Joli Lyn Gross and Peter T. Maloney to Timothy D. and Karen Grant; $840,000.
1465 Putnam Ave., Unit 412: Estate of Elizabeth Egli to LGLG LLC; $285,000.
37 Will Merry Ln.: Edward and Jean M. Aloe to Robert and Lucy Moore; $1,200,000.
Aug. 2:
52 Lafayette Pl., Unit 2A: June Bryneel to Maureen M. Smith; $285,000.
18 Sheephill Rd.: Bogamila Olszewski to Andrew M. and Wendy B. Walsh; $555,000.
Aug. 3:
87 Winthrop Dr.: Michael D. Cochrane and Katharine Ashworth to Robert and Maureen Stanley.
19 Riverside Ln.: Frank and Jeannie Intrieri to Henrik and Sylvie Villumson; $800,000.
29 Daffodil Ln.: William V. and Grace M. Driscoll to Jeannie and Frank Intrieri Jr.; $1,325,000.
85 Putnam Park: Glen and Carole Chase Elliott to Mary Desmond; $565,000.
Aug. 4:
Francis and Joan Connor to Matthew and Martha Zola; $4,000,000.
51 Forest Ave., Unit 89: Siri M. Lang Ostensen to Richard and JoAnn Heinsch; $917,000.
2 Cat Rock Rd.: Penny Lauren Hooper to Solomon S. Yudelovitch; $1,100,000.
190 Byram Shore Rd.: John Kenney Jr., trustee, to Mark and Elinor Kaplan; $2,170,000.
318 W. Lyon Farm Dr.: David W. Bell, etal, executors, to Janet and Diana C. Demuth; $747,000.
Aug. 5:
46 Bonwit Rd.: Rocco and Regina Benvenuto, trustees, to Adam T. and Alisen B. Steffins; $550,000.
35 Glen Ridge Rd.: Regina and Julio DiBiase Jr. to Alisa N. Hegyi; $2,700,000.
28 Sound Beach Ave.: Hyeshin Park and Leland Waldock to Michael S. Millman; $855,000.
190 Clapboard Ridge Rd.: NancyK. Howe and Thomas Finn, trustees, to Peter and Kimberly Parent; $2,850,000.
Aug. 8:
11 Quail Rd.: 211 Honeyspot Road Associates to Michael and Annette Schuster; $5,690,000.
37 Mianus Terr.: TD Bank NA to Manny Mashouf, trustee; $1,500,000.
Aug. 9:
95 Putnam Ave.: GHP-East Putnam, LLC and 176 Street Del, LLC to Ninety-Five East Putnam, LLC; $4,600,000.
20 Church St., Unit B2: Paul and Donna Damiano to Rosemarie Moreno; $205,000.
100 Silo Circle, # 11: Whitney and James Merrill to Alice Y. Chen; $500,000.
17 Birdsong Pl.: Lisa Michaelis to Jonathan M. and Jessica M. Wren; $1,190,000.
38 Hidden Brook Rd.: James M. and Nina Gerber to Leo Biagini; $2,050,000.
204 W. Lyon Farm Dr.: Nance Marshall to Phyllis Sattar; $1,350,000.
59 LeGrande Ave., Unit 5: Collen P. Harkness, trustee, to Theodore Pincus; $1,040,000.
Aug. 10:
82 Putnam Park: Meegan and Kevin Lawlor to Mark and Nicole James; $476,5000.
102-104 Prospect St.: Richard Mascali to 102-104 Prospect Street, LLC; $750,000.
89 Hendrie Ave.: Dorothy P. Spaeth and David Spaeth, trustees, to Cliffe Dwellings III LLC; $895,000.
Aug. 11:
35 Almira Dr.: Phyllis todero to Jennifer S. Montesano; $537,000.
351 Pemberwick Rd., Unit 203: Jonathan Weinberger and Lisa Baker to Pauline Morgan; $620,000.
18 West Way: Adrian P. and Margaret Nolin Selby to Mary Simon Streep; $3,600,000.
78 Butternut Hollow Rd.: Federico Reinke and Valeria Paula Brook to Norman and Sharon Otsuka; $2,150,000.
Aug. 12:
341 Valley Rd.: Johannes Loutsch to Paul Lindstrand; $1,017,500.
17 Greenwich Hills Dr., Unit 17: Paul Juan to Kristin Buran and William Klevitz; $705,000.
660 Lake Ave.: Barbara S. Maloney to Andrew and Allyson T. Cowin; $3,700,000.
531 Riversville Rd.: Charles and Meredith Von Arentschildt to SPR LLC; $4,950,000.
Aug. 15:
37 Davenport Ave., Unit 2: sold to Peter R. and Andrea N. Brennan; $1,220,000.
10 Edgewood Driv, Unit 5B: Estate of Christine M. Gerli to Nopatree LLC; $2,775,000.
118 Shore Rd.: Beatrice and Thomas Doyle Jr. to Riccardo Sicheri and Doriana Russo; $2,170,000.
43 Sawmill Ln: Andrew Cowin to David R. and Ingrid Hang; $3,007,500.
391 Putnam Av.e: Charles M. Zatzkin to MRS Real Estate LLC; $2,200,000.
Aug. 16:
104 River Rd.: Jamie Cowie and Stephanie Berthiame Cowrie to Chao Chun Hsu and Hsin Ping Tsai; $744,000.
50 Riverside Ave.: Joseph R. and Patricia Musick to Christopher McCauley and Jenny Cabinillas-McCauley; $765,000.
16 Azalea Terr.: Joseph Carbonara to Xuejun Mao and Jianhui Song; $1,405,000.
August 17:
68 Byram Rd.: Estate of Frank P. Borsa to 68 Byram LLC; $381,500.
25 W. Elm St., Unit 50: Monica Morrissey to Robertson Follansbee; $630,000.
8 Smith St. South: Theodore Taylor to Alison Taylor; $429,250.
6 School St.: Kelley C. Haslun to Morten and Maria Kramer; $965,000.
20 Linwood Ave.: John R. Raben Jr. and Jean S. Raben to Tamara Yiannakou; $1,390,000.
August 18:
201 Glenville Rd., Unit 106, AKA 106 Sioux Pl.: Harry T. Constas to Caren Kalisch; $600,000.
Parcel X, Map 8543: Twenty-Seven Doverton Drive LLC to Sabine Farm, Inc.: $177,146.
Parcel Y, Map 8543: Sabine Farm, Inc. to Twenty-Seven Doverton Drive LLLC; $391,567.
136 Lockwood Rd.: Mary Alice O'Malley to David Hoffman Jr.; $2,300,000.
95 indian Head Rd.: Marny Ann M. and Karl Lendenmann to Marc and Bich-Ha Henriette Hoang Rieffel; $2,800,000.
August 19:
69 Riverdale Ave., Unit 201: Riverstone Partners LLC to Jaspreet Randhawa; $730,000.
August 22:
20 Church St., Unit A33: Margreth Knehans to Maria Mini and Icli Zipella; $470,000.
34 Brookridge Dr.: Teresa Boyd and David Israel and Dawn Zerillo; $2,600,000.
11 Shore Acre Dr.: James and Louise S. Maude to Adam Farstrup and Cori Sanoqueira; $1,300,000.
3 Owenoke Way: Caroline N. and Steven Werber Jr. to Lauren and Andrew Cuneo; $2,300,000.
40 Park Ave.: Mark and Susan Van Der Griend to Frank Carpenteieri Jr.; $2,250,000.
32 Prospect St.: The Bank of New York Mellon to Kate Y. Xu; $500,000.
August 23:
44 Rocky Point Rd.: Brown Family Investors LLC to 44 Rocky Point Road LLC; $10,400,000.
11 Halsey Rd.: Steven B. Ritchie to Donald McCrossen Jr.; $1,050,000.
4 Buxton Ln.: Peter and Diane Wright to Brian and Lisa Boots; $2,600,000.
4 Park Ave.: David and Dawn Israel to Sean and Regina Dowling; $2,200,000.
193 Hamilton Ave., Unit 19: David and Pamela Geatz to Marianne Andersen; $625,000.
1 Milbank Ave., Unit 4H: Sibylle von Petterffy to Mary Elaine Goldschneider; $1,800,000.
193 Hamilton Ave., Unit 5: Marianne Andersen to Peiti Tung; $600,000.
August 24:
134 Lancer Rd. South: David N. Jones to Pierangelo and Janine M. Corticelli; $730,000.
18 Stone Ave.: Stonewalk LLC to RMS Stone Avenue LLC; $800,000.
6 Tremont St.: John P. Driscoll to John McDonald and Laura D. Yens; $800,000.
Aug. 26:
99 Valley Rd.: 99 West River View Holdings LLC and Grant Gyesky to NEPL, LLC; $2,250,000.
9 Point Ln.: NEPL LLC and the Patricia Piazza 15 Year Qualified Personal Residence Trust to Christopher and Claire Brown; $4,150,000.
5 Bennett St.: Christopher and Claire Brown to Robert and Michelle Carlson; $2,200,000.
386 Riversville Rd.: Donna D. and Gordon S. Calder Jr. to Ivan and Belinda Dokorny; $1,850,000.
1010 North St.: Moira Mahon and Sobrana Karnakaran and Bijl Narayanan; $655,000.
Aug. 30:
179 Putnam Pk.: Estate of Penku Li to John P. Marsico and Kathleen M. Essegian; $360,000.
Aug. 31:
17 Stiles Ln.: Bruce M. and Karyn Ginsberg Greenwald to Frank Gilbride II, trustee; $6,000,000.
205 S. Water St.: Thomas R. and Elizabeth Williams to 205 South Water Street LLC; $650,000.
232 Byram Shore Rd.: Sarah Ondaatje to John and Christina Horner; $4,400,000.
30 Carrington Dr.: Grace Morley to Scott and Laura Ragone; $2,500,000.

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