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North Street Real Estate in Greenwich, CT

North Street has to be one of the best known streets in Greenwich, CT. Stretching all the way from the Boston Post Road (Putnam) into New York, North Street provides a main artery through Greenwich. Real estate on North Street isn't inexpensive as this road is as marquee as it gets. As with Round Hill Road and Lake Avenue, North Street offers some of the most expensive and well built/designed homes in the country.

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    • Jim on

      For the record, North Street actually never reaches the Boston Post Rd. North St. begins at North Maple/Maple, which does extend to Rte. 1.
      • Scott Elwell on

        Thanks Jim. Nice catch. I was building several posts at the same time for North Street, Round Hill and Lake Avenue at the same time and obviously miss-spoke. You are correct. My main point was that these three (or five if you add Riversville and Stanwich) roads are the main north/south veins through Greenwich.
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          [...] 7) North Street [...]
          • on

            [...] of. The house is only gated by its own gate and is not accessed by the upper gate (Upper Cross and North Street) or lower gate (Lower Cross and North Street), you can drive right up to it [...]