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Greenwich Storm Protection...

Greenwich Time recently published an article on the increase in generator supply and how it has become more and more common in Greenwich real estate.  Having bought a house in Greenwich that came with a generator I have to say that they are wonderful. I am unlucky enough to live on a street that commonly looses power in any storm, but lucky enough to have a gas line to the house. The previous owner had put in a generator that is tied to the gas line, meaning that it never has to be filled. Wonderful thing.

After the past couple storms all you have to do is close your eyes and listen to see who's powered by a generator.  These puppies aren't that quiet. Areas like North Mianus and Cos Cob have been (knock on wood) much more fortunate than most of Greenwich and even Riverside and Old Greenwich.  Parts of Riverside and Old Greenwich were defining after storms as every 50 yards a generator was humming.

As I sit here on a snowless Christmas (time) day, I'm curious to see how this winter will play out. While I'm not looking forward to shoveling, I do wish there was snow around here. There's nothing like a great cover of white fluff over all of the homes in town. Lets hope that we get enough snow for a good cover, but not too much that the generators will have to come into affect.

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