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1109 Lake Avenue SOLD for $9.25 Million (Conyers Farm)


1109 Lake Avenue closed this week for $9.25 million, showing some strength in the Greenwich Real Estate market. I had the pleasure of showing the house to some clients and think that for $9.25m it is a solid buy. At one point, this "Conyers" estate was priced at $13million, which really doesn't make sense in this market. While the home is gated and does receive many of the benefits of being part of Conyers, which includes security checks and access to the upper gate, this really isn't part of the Conyers that most of us think of. The house is only gated by its own gate and is not accessed by the upper gate (Upper Cross and North Street) or lower gate (Lower Cross and North Street), you can drive right up to it on Lake Avenue.

As I see it, there are 4 very different areas to Conyers:

-Lower Gate - very private small area within the lower Conyers gate

-Upper Gate (CT) - the Connecticut portion of the main gated Conyers area

-Upper Gate (NY) - the New York portion of the main gated Conyers area, which has significantly lower real estate values than Upper Gate (CT) due to the decreased demand in the significantly higher New York taxes

-Exterior Conyers - this is where 1109 Lake sits and essentially includes all homes within a certain area surrounding Conyers.


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