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Equestrian Properties in Greenwich CT

I put together a search for properties that mention the word "horse" or "horses" in hopes that it would return all of the Greenwich CT Real Estate that might appeal to equestrians. Generally speaking these properties are mostly located in northern Greenwich/backcountry.  The obvious properties include large plots of land and areas like Conyers Farms.

Now my searches (as well as any others found online) are only as good as the data that is inputted into them. For example, the equestrian property search I put together only pulls listings that mention the word "horse" in the description correctly as there are no variables for equestrian properties. I mention this as there are significantly more properties that might interest you than what you will see in my searches. If you are ready to take the next step please feel free to call (203.940.0444) or email me so I can pull a proper search and show you my notes on Greenwich CT Real Estate.

There are lots of great plots of land in backcountry Greenwich that would suit equestrian interests.

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