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Is activity REALLY up in Greenwich Real Estate?

I can't help but noticing all of the real estate websites and posts on Facebook by realtors (Greenwich, Fairfield, etc...) talking about how activity is booming and how we should all get out there and buy before the market gets too expensive.  I don't want to be too negative here, but I can't stand it when realtors push push push. I can remember vividly a year ago when all of the Greenwich Real Estate brokers were telling everyone to buy because interest rates couldn't get any lower and prices were on the floor and couldn't drop any lower. Well guess what, prices and interest rates did drop...

I truly believe we are now bouncing along a pricing floor hear, but I have no clue when we will get out. It's an election year, so I really don't see much happening until this fall/next-winter at the earliest.

Back to my rant, I do agree that the market has seen an uptick in activity, but I don't agree that we are witnessing a sudden influx of wild demand and everyone should get out there and BUY NOW! There have been a couple accepted offers in the Greenwich Real Estate Market, but there have also been a lot of new listings thanks to those that are preparing for the spring market. Let's just wait and see what happens over the next two months. I am cautiously optimistic.

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