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Home Heating: From Oil To Propane

Do you have that sinking feeling each month when the bill from the oil company comes? That was my experience,too. I took some time last spring to investigate what to do when the gas company does not have the natural gas line available to your property. Three HVAC companies were brought in to evaluate the overall situation which wasn't pretty. Our 1936 home has single pane leaded windows-- hence, heat is being lost through the windows. The insulation of the home appeared to be sufficient (where it could be evaluated) so we didn't need to manipulate that variable, which would have entailed opening walls which would be both costly and messy. That left burner efficiency and cost of the oil.

Oil Post 10.16.14

The bottom line of the research suggested that a more efficient burner and the lower cost of propane vs. oil would result in a two year payback. And we would have a new burner, smaller in size and good looking (okay, I am a sucker for a good looking anything, even a mechanical room). I know some folks think oil burns "dirty" and for me.. the new heat source does seem to make a difference in the air quality inside, and though that's my armchair opinion a google search asking, "Is gas cleaner than oil?" there does seem to be some truth to my experience.

Oil Post w_ dog10.16.14


The oil tanks are out and with them, the cumbersome piping, etc. Rest easy-- the dog was not found inside the tank. Riggs is just investigating the removal pieces. We elected-- for now-- to keep the propane tank above ground but excavated out a ridge to nestle it into the land. As you can see, there is a tiny bit of tank still showing and unfortunately, the gas company won't let me paint it forest green. They prefer the unnatural teal green tank color. While the bushes are sure to grow to cover it in just a short time, there are some camo-covers that might do the trick as well.

Stay tuned, as soon as the mechanical room is cleaned and painted the new heating unit will be revealed....

- Robin

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