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What Does the New Delta Terminal at LaGuardia Have To Do With Greenwich Real Estate


Remember Monday? Raining elephants and buffalo, never mind cats and dogs. I was on my way from Greenwich , CT to Columbus Ohio, where a snow storm was in full progress. Loaded down with too many bags, the swarm of people, lines, and general atmosphere of a very old airport terminal and all the litter, chaos and stress that it's walls and floors held made for wanting me to get to the gate as fast as possible, touching as little as I could only to find, once the plane was fully loaded and ready for takeoff that the flight was cancelled due to Ohio weather conditions.

Overhearing a fellow passenger talking to American Airlines on his phone, I learned that for some reason Delta was getting flights off the ground and into Columbus. Working the phone, the laptop and heading over to Delta, I managed to get myself on a flight that left 5 hours later. Not great and the thought of spending a long time in a rather nasty environment wasn't sitting well. But Delta had a surprise for me. A new terminal! Clean surfaces, modern lighting, sleek furniture and a layout that understood travelers today. High topped counters with ipads where you could surf the net or order lunch, places to charge your electronics everywhere, and lounges.

I have to say.. the change in decor and having the right kinds of workspaces lifted my mood immediately. Not surprising, given what I see everyday as I watch potential buyers tour homes of various condition and decorating. No matter what "they" say... having vision doesn't replace experiencing the space, real time. Something for Greenwich sellers to keep in mind, as they begin to think about listing their home for the Spring Market. -Robin Kencel

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