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Snow Safety During The Greenwich Storm

IMG_1751Looks like the weathermen were off by a week because today feels like the "Will it ever stop snowing?" day. While you may be enjoying the replay of those final minutes of that epic Superbowl battle yesterday, take a moment to think about snow safety:

Clear Roofs and Gutters: Last week, we reminded you to be sure snow is not sitting on roofs and that gutters are clear to prevent ice damming. When the storm is behind us, you may want a roofer or your landscaper to brush the snow off the roof and check the gutters.

Check Windows and Doors: Today, we are encouraging you to walk around your house and check window seals. The snow is now over 20". Depending upon the overhang for your windows, snow may be piling up on the ledges and beginning to creep inside, if any seals are loose. The same goes for french doors. Water is the worst nightmare for wood--snow that gets into cracks turns to water and water that sits on wood destroys the wood.

Protect Bushes and Plants: Right now, it's 27 degrees outside--not so bad. So if you are game for pulling on your boots and bundling up, take a walk around the outside of your house with shovel or broom in hand and gently shake the snow off bushes and plants. That will lessen the risk of ice burn and broken branches caused by heavy snow weight.

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